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 NIE number in Spain


Why requesting a Spanish Identification Number?

If you wish to invest in Spain, buy a property, set up a company or open a bank account, you will need to issue a NIE which is the Spanish foreign identification number -or “número de identificación de extranjero” in Spanish-. This document is always asked whenever a foreigner intends to carry out an administrative or financial procedure of taxable nature.

In order to apply for a Golden Visa, the applicant shall carry out a significant investment within the Spanish territory. Such investments are clearly outlined in the Entrepreneurs Law, which could be investing 2 million euros in Spanish bonds; 1 million euros in shares of a Spanish company; 1 million euros in Spanish bank deposits; 500,000 euros or more in property or properties within the Spanish territory; or incorporating a company in Spanish territory whose economic activity is of general economic interest. All these options involve different administrative or fiscal procedures, thus making necessary an identification number or NIE.

This Foreign Identification Number should be the first step when thinking about investing or coming to Spain. This document is an unique, personal and sequential number granted to those individuals who are not Spanish nationals, whether they are EU citizens or non-EU citizens.

Issuing your NIE with our Law Firm.

Our Law Firm understands our clients’ needs when dealing with paperwork and administrative offices in Spain. Some procedures take time and require more than one visit to our country. Therefore, our solicitors can handle your NIE application and send you this document by postal service to your place of residency or work. Our purpose is to help you saving time and effort. You will have your NIE without delays or queues.

Most of our clients select big cities to invest such as Madrid or Barcelona, or major touristic spots such as Marbella, Balearic Islands or Alicante. All these cities could be really appealing for foreign investors and job seekers for they offer different advantages such as good public services, hospitality, facilities, urbanized areas and weather. However, it is important to point out that due to the numerous applications submitted in the Offices of the National Police of these cities, the process can be very slowly -for they are very often collapsed-, and even in some of them, it is required to get an appointment and submitted many documents supporting your application.

The Spanish Law foresees that a third party can apply for a person’s NIE number before the National Police Office provided that he or she is duly authorized to do so. In our Law Firm, our solicitors help our clients to apply for their NIE numbers on a daily basis. They can submit the corresponding documentation by means of a Power of Attorney signed by the applicant. Our solicitor will fill the application form -which is only in Spanish- and submit the document, thus saving you time and travel expenses.

It is important to remember that even though a foreigner holds a Foreign Identification Number, this person is not entitled to reside in Spain or extend his or her legal permit to stay in the country in any case; also, a person can issue a NIE even if he or she is not currently domiciled in Spain; finally, your NIE number never changes, you shall never hand in the original certificate, just provide copies of it.

If you need assistance to issue your NIE for you or your family, just contact us and we will guide you over the process and documents, to issue your NIE in a couple of weeks.